Make a New Moon Wish List

June 22, 2009

To make your dreams come true you have to have a dream.  What do you wish for?

June 22 is a new moon and Yasmin Boland’s moonology.com website has a short guide on how to make a wish on the new moon.


On the last new moon I made a wish list and it helped me focus on what it is I’ve been thinking about and hoping will happen. On this new moon, I see that one of my wishes did come true and I’m giving more thoughts to what’s on my list to fine tune.  Writing down your goals is a technique frequently recommended to help manifest your hopes and dreams.   It’s always a good time to be grateful for the wishes that have come true in your life and think about what you wish for today.


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  1. After writing that post, I checked my wish list and none of it really came to be in the 28 days between new moons. Making the list did help me define my dreams and goals and I realized many things on my wish list require more than a month. What remains on my permanent wish list is world peace. I hope when you make a wish on a star or on your birthday candle or on a coin tossed in a fountain, your wishes come true. –Rebecca

  2. […] Also, here’s a link to an earlier post about Yasmin Boland’s advice on making a new moon wish list: http://3sharedpaths.com/2009/06/22/make-a-new-moon-wish-list/ […]

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