New Love Adventure

August 17, 2010

I am in the midst of a fabulous new love adventure with a wonderful man. I awakened yesterday morning feeling fortunate and grateful that we found each other, and this morning I decided that I desire to truly savor every moment of this adventure.

Creating a loving, supportive relationship with a wonderful man is on the top of my list of intentions for this year. I have put a lot of energy into a more focused search since last October, and needless to say that entailed kissing a few frogs. Now that I have met someone I feel is wonderful, I am excited to see how our adventure together will unfold. I am celebrating my new love discovery with joyous gratitude, and I desire to be incredibly appreciative for all our adventures together. The time we spent together over the weekend inspired me to write this poem.

New Love Adventure
Pristine landscapes savored
As two bodies entwine,
Caressing and exploring for the first time.

Amazing treasures uncovered,
Discovering new love together.


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  1. Congratulations on your new-found love Carolee! I wish you both all the best!


  2. Wonderful to hear you’ve wandered out of a lily pond and over to a castle! Rebecca

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