A Country Easter

April 25, 2011

For Easter, I went to visit my parents.  They still live on the same small farm on which I grew up.  My dad was at church when I arrived, so Mother and I set up the card table on the porch, added a purple table cloth, some gorgeous silk flowers, little yellow decorative chicks, and a nest of colorful plastic eggs.  We had a nice festive look on the porch, and when Daddy got home, we put lunch on the table and ate on the porch.

The warm day had just enough of a breeze to keep things very comfortable.  We watched a wren flit around with nesting bits in her mouth.  A red throated humming bird buzzed around frustrated because we were sitting just under the feeder he wanted to taste. The pair of mocking birds who are building in the vines at the fireplace trilled and hopped from place to place. Horses in the field just across the road rolled in the dust and milled around as we ate and chatted about the events going on around my little home town, and in the small church I used to attend.

Amish families rolled by in their black buggies dressed in the Sunday black and white, waving to us as they passed.  It’s rumored that the youngest boy of the Amish family who have lived across from us for over 20 years is getting married.  It’s common knowledge that when the boys start working for everyone they can find work with, and saving money it’s generally because they’re preparing to ask their intended to marry them.  Danny was just a toddler when his family moved in.  I remember him as a fresh faced little boy with slightly curly brown hair, and dark eyes that danced with mischief.  From what Daddy says, he hasn’t changed much, and is denying his intentions to marry.  Not uncommon, because they do take a lot of ribbing once they decide to settle down.  It’s all in good fun, but teasing all the same.

After lunch I walked around the house to find Kitten, Daddy’s cat, sunbathing on the back porch.  I noticed she was fussing a bit at something, and when I looked a female cardinal stood at her food bowl, picking out pieces of food and eating it.  It flew as I moved closer to chat with Kitten.

Now that I live in the city, just off a very busy main road, it’s rare that I have what I would consider really peaceful times.  True I can see birds, and trees and grass, etc., from my balcony – and it’s quite lovely to sit outside here at my apartment when the weather is good, or to watch a storm roll into the area.  But there is nothing like being “home” where I grew up.  It was quite refreshing to just spend the day quietly enjoying being outside.


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One comment

  1. Sounds like a Lovely day to be outside in the country. Living near Amish culture seems interesting and a reminder it is possible to live more simply.

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