Advice for Friends

September 8, 2011

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I recently ran across Scott Grossberg’s blog.  It’s an incredibly positive and affirming blog.  Most recently it was about giving advice to friends, only it had a twist (click the link above to read the actual blog post.).

The blog asked that the reader think of 5 friends and then write down what advice you’d give each friend that would make their lives better.  So, I wrote the following:

Friend 1: Let go of the need to be in control.

Friend 2: Let go of the fear of the past.

Friend 3: Follow through on the goals you set for your life.

Friend 4: Let go of bitterness.

Friend 5: Be more flexible and open to change.

All good advice, right?  Well, here’s the twist; the advice is really for the reader.  Wait, what?  That advice is for me??  Hmm.

The next step was to write the advice for the friend in a present tense sentence for myself.  So, I wrote:

I release the outcome of the things in my life.

I live confidently and openly.

I follow through on my commitments.

I send love and light to those who have hurt me and release them.

I am flexible and open to change.

I have to say, I had not realized how much bitterness I still hold about my last partner.  But this exercise called it into crystal clear view.  That is definitely an area where I need to work in order to truly release him.

As I moved through this exercise, it really wasn’t hard to see the things I listed as areas for improvement in my friends lives, were actually areas where “I,” too, need work.  Seeing the faults in others, is really seeing the faults in ourselves – frustrations I have with others’ behavior may actually be the behaviors I need to release.  Powerful food for thought.

What is the one thing in others that makes you crazy?  Could it really be what’s in you?

– Catherine

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  1. Love this. Shared it!

  2. Thanks Tracy!

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