A Name Change and an Announcement

October 6, 2011

I have something to share with you that I am so very excited about!  But first, I need to offer a little explanation about a name change and some back story. 

Name Change:

When we started this blog, we had many conversations about personal identity.  At that time, I chose to use the pseudonym, Catherine Casteel Clark.  It is a name I have used for some time, and have been published under. So, to me, it made sense to use it.  Plus, I had some personal reasons for wanting to keep my name a little shrouded.

Over the last few months, I’ve been working on some projects of which I’m very proud, and that I had to put a name, the name I wanted to be known as, with.  Using the pseudonym didn’t feel right, and so I began to grapple with the whole subject again.  As I thought about it, most of my reasons for using a pseudonym were gone.  So, I decided that it’s time to drop it.  I’m going to use a portion of my given name, Cathy Lynn, going forward for all my writing and other projects, including this blog.

Back Story:

Almost two years ago, I started looking for a planner/journal where I could track several different aspects of my life.  I couldn’t find anything that worked for me, so I started creating something that I thought would.  I spoke with Carolee and Rebecca about it, and we considered it for a joint 3 Shared Paths project, but it just didn’t work for us to do.  So, with their blessings, I went on working on it, and finally came up with something that resonated.  I shared it with a few people and was encouraged to look into printing it.  So, I approached Smash Cake Press (The One Year Hook Book) with it, and they agreed to partner with me on its creation.

The Announcement:

So, without further ado, and with great excitement, I’d like to announce to you, the first of my projects to come to fruition, a new age journal called The Gathered Soul: A Collection of Your Cosmic Influences and Sacred Rhythms!

It was created specifically with flexibility in mind, with a wire binding for ease of writing, and lined pages and boxes that serve as places to record dreams, signs, affirmations, cycles, and life experiences.

There’s room for individual systems and there’s no wrong way to use this journal. Just as in life, it’s up to each of us to find our own path.

For anyone interested, it’s being offered at a great price for pre-orders.  Just click on the picture.

It means a lot to me to announce this here, with you.

– Cathy Lynn (aka Catherine)

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  1. Congratulations! It’s great the reasons why people choose pseudo names or go with their real name. It can mean a lot and I think a lot of thought should be invested into it. It’s the words that represent you. We put so much effort into how we look physically as it represents us and as writers we want to make sure the name does a good job of impressing people. Your name is lovely, I think you made the right choice. The best of luck with your writing career. :)

    – Ermisenda

  2. Ermisenda – thank you! And you’re right. We have to be able to identify with whatever name we use, for whatever reason we use it. Love your blog by the way!

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