Falling Back An Hour

November 17, 2011

The time change or the “fall back” an hour recently happened.  We’re all trying to get adjusted to darkness falling sooner.  I hear people complain about it a lot.  But, I love it.

I tend to be a cocooner.  When at home, or at the office, my space is lit by lamps not overheads.  Even in the kitchen, I generally won’t use the overhead lights.  I’ll work by the lamp light from the living room, and the light over the stove.

There are nights when I come in and never turn on a light.  It isn’t necessarily a conscious decision, I just want the closeness of the darkness, the cocooning aspect of it as I lay on the couch and watch TV.  It’s sometimes comforting, being anonymous there in the dark.  No one to see me, call me out, want something from me.

So, when the Fall comes, and the time changes, I welcome it with open arms.  I welcome the coziness it creates, the invitation to have candle lit dinners, or the anonymity it offers after a particularly harsh day at work. For me, it’s like having a really good excuse to just stay in, to rest and rejuvenate after the busy summer.

How does it strike you?  Do you love it or hate it?

– Cathy Lynn

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