A Bird’s Life

February 2, 2012

The other night as I left the building and entered the parking garage, there was a young man standing next to a parked car just three spaces down from my car.  He immediately asked me which car was mine, freaking me out just a little.  I stopped moving, staying closer to the building than to him or my car and took in the situation:

Young man, dress shirt and dress pants, next to a black car with the driver’s side door open and the trunk open – no one else anywhere in sight.  He wasn’t moving toward me at all, he stayed next to his car.

After that quick assessment, I finally said, I beg your pardon?

English: Juvenile Cooper's hawk (Accipiter coo...

Image via Wikipedia

Seeing my hesitation, he explained that there was a hawk trapped in the parking garage sitting on a beam above the cars right in front of me.  He told me he had been trying to shush the bird back up the floors of the parking garage to the 9th deck that was an open deck.  But, the bird wasn’t exactly cooperating the way he wanted it to.

When I looked where he pointed, I finally saw the distressed bird perched on the beam.  I moved closer to get a better look, and saw that it was a black and white speckled hawk with a long tail.  It was beautiful, and very nervous.  Even so, it let me get within about 8 feet of it.  Then it flew upward around the corner toward the 9th floor.

We chatted briefly about the bird then, and surmised that it must have flown into the deck chasing a pigeon.  Pigeons can often been seen on our building, and sometimes even on the lower levels of the parking garage.

I then moved on to my car and got in it.  I fussed around with some things in my car to see if he was indeed going to continue to try to push the bird further up the deck to the open air.  If he didn’t, I was going to.  But the young man got in his car and went after the bird, gently blowing his horn to get the bird to move on up the levels of the parking garage.  His actions more than likely saved the bird’s life.

Most people wouldn’t have even noticed the bird.  Few would have helped it out of the parking deck.  So, I really appreciated his diligence in protecting the bird, and his intentness on getting it up the floors and out.  It helped me forgive him for freaking me out!

Cathy Lynn

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