Access Your Intuition with Drawings

February 18, 2012

One of my favorite mind-body skills is drawings. I have had so much fun learning and practicing this skill. I wrote about my first experience with drawings last summer when I attended The Gulf Coast Community Day sponsored by the Mind-Center of Louisiana. I have treasured the drawing I did that day and keep it in the plastic cover of my binder from the first training I attended in October. The drawing (shown in the photo) inspires me every time I look at it.

I enjoyed this exercise again in both of the trainings that I attended, validating my feelings and getting in touch with my inner guidance each time. Today I decided to use this exercise to help me explore some questions that my coach and I have been discussing. He routinely asks me to write about challenges that we discuss, so as I was writing this morning I decided to try drawing with the question I am mulling over now – how to more effectively move my personal business forward.

The exercise goes like this. You draw pictures in response to three questions, with the final question formatted in a way to engage your intuition. The questions I wrote today to help me explore my current challenges are:

  1. How do I see myself doing my personal business now?
  2. How do I see myself with my personal business fully created?
  3. How do I most effectively move from 1 to 2?  

The process of creating each drawing gives form to the ideas in my head and the feelings in my heart. What do I include? How do I represent my thoughts on the paper? What colors do I use? I feel like this exercise engages different aspects of my inner knowledge, and I love being creative with it. How often do I get the opportunity to pull out my colors and get to act like a kid again? And the beauty of its simplicity amazes me.

What challenges are you struggling with? Try exploring it through this drawing exercise and let me know what fabulous insights you tap into.


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