Serendipty is Alive and Well

April 11, 2012

SERENDIPITY (Photo credit: alex drennan)

It’s always amazing to me when things just fall into place.  I’ve been a witness to just such an event recently.A little over a week ago, as my aunt and I sat on my parents front porch talking, she mentioned how good it had been to catch up with my mom and a couple of friends while she was visiting.  (Her house burned a couple of years ago, and she moved to live with a friend two hours away.)  She hasn’t really made many friends in her new city, and she finds it a tad lonely at times. 

My aunt loves working with the elderly, and she’s good at it.  It was a large part of her work life for many, many years. Her last job was still working with seniors and lower income families.  She has a knack for it that few have.  So, I suggested she look into something along those lines, perhaps as a part timer in an assisted living community.  She said she had considered that, and there was one not far from where she lives.  She left later in the day, and I didn’t think about it any further because she didn’t really seem all that receptive to the idea.

She called me the next day to tell me that when she got almost home, she stopped off at a convenience store to get a coke.  Once inside the store, a man was talking to someone else about how badly the assisted living place needed help.  He was asking that if the person knew anyone who might be interested to send them his way.  She commented to him that she was interested, and as luck would have it, he was actually the owner!  She told him about her background, and he took her phone number, gave her his card and asked her to go online and fill out an application.

The owner had called her that morning to make sure she was still interested, and to let her know he’d alerted his folks to look for her application.  He also told her, she could come in person to fill one out if she wanted, and gave her directions to their offices.  When she told her friend about it, he was very supportive and offered to go with her to the offices.

I told her, “You know, when this sort of thing happens, you can’t say no, right?”

She laughed and said, “Yeah, you think I might be shooting myself in the foot if I don’t walk through the door, huh?”

She told me later, when she got to the office to fill out the application, the owner was actually there, and got her all settled with the right people.  As of today, they are doing her background check.  I suspect within the next couple of weeks, she’ll have herself a part time job that she will love.

This event just solidifies for me that serendipity is alive and well.  That when you finally open yourself and trust, the Universe will offer up what you want.  Have you had a serendipitous moment lately?  What did it solidify for you?

Cathy Lynn

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  1. Hi Cathy, Here’s a piece of synchronicity-serendipity: A few weeks ago I began a friendship with a woman A. and her daughter at our church, due to the daughter’s (healable) injury. My offer to “help out”was not used at the time. Today she saw my husband and I at Fido’s in Nashville, and joined us for lunch. Turns out her car wouldn’t start and she need to pick up her daughter and get her to the physical therapist. We helped! But wait, it goes further… turns out that A. helps prisoners write their life stories…and I am a personal historian! (perfectmemoirs.com) We plan to meet soon and see where we can network. Now that was doubling up the serendipity! Like your aunt’s it remains to be seen where it leads. Sometimes I find something that seems serendipitous is a false lead…I’d like to hear some thoughts about that one. Also – great workshop on Blogging you just gave, thanks! Deborah

    • Deborah – I love hearing these kinds of stories! Glad you shared it. Regarding the false lead observation, I take the synchronicity as a “check” that I’m on the right path of interest and feedback, whether it works out extensively or not. I like to look for signs. :)

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