Independence from Worry

July 4, 2012

Happy Independence Day to our readers in the US! I love this holiday. Celebrating freedom and democracy and later eating tasty barbecue with good friends makes a delightful day.  Last night I made a Limoncello cake to share and enjoyed creating something special.  I’m feeling a lot of gratitude for life and simple pleasures lately.

Because it’s a holiday from work, I did not want to wake up early this morning. But I had a commitment to help take care of a bed-ridden neighbor. I thought to myself, I bet he wishes he could climb out of bed and do some yard work today. So I sleepily switched to gratitude. Afterward, I tackled the burn pile of big tree limbs in the yard. The fire represented a cleansing.

As I moved around the yard, I thought about how great I feel today. I control my attitude and sometimes it’s just easier to feel happy and content. Today is that day.

In January, I asked Carolee and Cathy for a six month sabbatical from writing for this blog. I was struggling with some personal challenges and felt my motivation and focus for writing here drying up.  I dealt with the lack of inspiration and loss of a consistent positive outlook by employing the ideas and tools we’ve talked about here and it took a lot of energy. I wrote about what is good in my life and the actions I wanted to take to hold that feeling.

I’m sure I’m not alone in this struggle to feel content. So I wanted to show up here to share a bit of my journey and wish you the feeling of freedom from whatever might be weighing you down. Pursue happiness.  Focus on gratitude and live in this moment. And when you are feeling wonderful and content, celebrate it!


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  1. Grateful and happy to see you writing again! I have a tendency to worry as well. I recently worked with an executive coach and after much introspection and learning to focus on the positive side of every situation, I’m filled with contentment in my professional and personal life. Happy Independence Day!

    • Sondra, thanks for sharing good experience with coaching. Glad to know you feel content and positive. I remind myself it’s a choice to not be overwhelmed about what is negative. And useless to focus on what “Could be” negative. Why predict that?

  2. Good point. I remember during one particularly rough week when my son was a newborn, a blogger I was following lost her own infant son. I looked at every dirty diaper, woken slumber, and high chair splatter zone differently after that, as something she’d have given anything to have.

    • wow, Tracy, that’s a great example of how to reframe something like that. -Rebecca

  3. Great to see you post Rebecca! It’s a great day for feeling gratitude, and it sounds like you’re making the most of the day in lovely ways!

    • yes, great to feel good and enjoying a holiday.

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