About 3 Shared Paths

Not too many years ago, three women read The Artists Way together to share insights and support each other in finishing the book’s journey to greater creativity.  In 2009, we began reading The Present Moment and felt inspired to share our personal journeys with others.  In 2010 we read A Year of Living Consciously together. In 2011, we are using One Year Hook Book: a journal in 52 prompts for journaling.

Photo by Jeff Cox

With this site we hope to help people interested in finding new resources — books, practices, products — that might help them on the path of self-fulfillment and personal growth.  This is really a conversation about discovery, healing and inspiration between three 40-something women with loads of creativity, courage and common sense. Please join in our conversation and share in our paths of inspiration!

To read more about how we created this blog and practical tips to build your own collaborative blog, download our FREE e-book,  How to Build a Collaborative Blog: The Journey of 3 Shared Paths, at this link.

–Carolee, Cathy and Rebecca

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  1. Fantastic concept! I wish I could find women in my area to do the same with!

    • Thanks, Lindsay. We’ve learned a lot doing this wonderful project together and I’m glad you find it inspirational. -Rebecca

  2. New header! Good to see your smiling faces. :)

    • Tracy, we took 100 pictures and predictably… liked only 1 or 2. The photographer also took some indivdiual shots that day and we each really like one of our own. It was a fun day. Rebecca

  3. […] their about page: With this site we hope to help people interested in finding new resources — books, […]

  4. Hi..someone just gave me this website to check out. A number of us have taken Artist Way at Work and continued on with another of their books called FInding Water (wasnt that great)..I then went through AWAW again and now we have a few new people with the first group…we call ourselves The H2O Group. I would like to take the Artist Way for the first time but most of our group are a little burned out with AWAW, so we have put that on hold. We are now in the process of finding another book that would have the similar type “Tools” etc but with another perspective. Any suggestions? We are located in Baton Rouge LA. On the second time with AWAW, we did something a little different…we worked on a month long art project….it was liberating! Looking forward to hearing from one or all of you. Thanks MJ

    • Mary, Thanks for commenting! I have not read “The Artist’s Way at Work” nor “Finding Water” so I’m glad to read your perspective. I wish your comment was also on our Resource page reviewing “The Artist’s Way.” I don’t have anything to recommend that has as many tools. If you discover it, let us know. Do you want to stay focused on creativity? “Finding Your Own North Star” by Martha Beck had lots of tools but it is focused on identifying your passion and purpose and maybe that’s not what your group is looking for? After doing TAW several times, I moved on to more personal and spiritual development books with brief, daily readings. For 2012, I’m interested in checking out “Book of Awakening” by Mark Nepo that was mentioned in “O” magazine recently. Actually, I’ve been thinking about doing “The Artists Way” again. For the 4th time! I live near Baton Rouge, too. Maybe there could be some study together that we could initiate and/or join. You have me thinking about it as online versus in-person discussion. I’ll post back about it.
      best, Rebecca

  5. Thanks for the response. Since you are close to Baton Rouge, please come and join our group on Tuesday June 14th 6-8PM at the Bluebonnett Library…we are still looking for a book, but we will be marking butterflies for the attached project…http://www.hmh.org/uploads/education/Butterfly%20Project%20Flyer.PDF

  6. Mary, Thanks for the invite. I plan to come by your meeting and make butterflies. I saw the project listed at The Red Shoes but wasn’t able to do it then. I’ll also bring a few books for y’all to look through in case it spurs some ideas for future reading. See you then. -Rebecca

    • So nice to meet you and glad you were able to come help with the Butterflies…it was great fun. MJ

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