Carolee’s Bio

CaroleeI have a passion for personal growth and well-being that inspires me to support others on their self-fulfillment journeys.  I am following my passion on a new journey with my friends Rebecca and Catherine to create 3SharedPaths.com, a venue of shared experiences to inspire self-discovery and fulfillment. I am a certified Heal Your Life Workshop Facilitator and Personal Coach and creator of AffirmationsToGo.com, a website where people can design personal affirmation products to keep them focused on their personal growth, dreams, and goals.

I enjoy listening to live music and my favorite songwriters, experiencing the culture in south Louisiana, traveling far away and nearby, spending time with my dear friends and family, reading inspirational words and stories, writing, and learning new stuff.

My education and professional background include a BS in chemical engineering and an MBA, 14 years in environmental consulting, and 8 years in retail. I have achieved success in my career and personal life by pursuing personal growth and looking within for self-discovery, which has led me to expand my career into teaching, coaching, writing, and developing inspirational products with the desire to contribute my gifts and talents to make a difference in our world.


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