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Another Turtle Hatching Year

August 25, 2011

Friday night we arrived at the loggerhead sea turtle nest that was to be excavated around 6:30pm.  Having become a volunteer with Share the Beach, L was hoping to get to help.  The team arrived shortly thereafter, and as 7 or 8 folks looked on, me included, the digging began and Read the rest of this entry ?


Awe Inspiring Birth

August 28, 2010

Last night at 8:40pm 31 baby sea turtles climbed up out of their sandy nest into the salty humid air of Alabama’s gulf coast.  Read the rest of this entry ?


The Nashville Flood

May 8, 2010

Last weekend Nashville had it’s worst flood in 100 years.  The waters just receded below flood level yesterday.  If you click here, there’s an article and several pictures.  There are many, many sad stories coming out of this situation.  People have lost their homes, loved ones, pets, cars, possessions.  Help is needed.  Yet, much of the country doesn’t even know exactly how bad it is.  The media coverage has been next to nothing.

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